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Salem Village Witch-Hunt Tour

Salem is where people visit to learn about the 1692 witchcraft trials, but Danvers, formerly Salem Village, is where it first began. Visit several significant

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historical sites including the remains of the parsonage where Reverend Samuel Parris' 9-year-old daughter Betty and 11-year-old niece Abigail had their fits that began the hysteria. 

Special Guest Tour Guide Richard Hite

1692 Witchcraft Walk Aug. 14 at 4 p.m.


Richard Hite, author of In The Shadow of Salem, will lead our 1692 Witchcraft Walk on Aug. 14. He is an expert on the Salem witchcraft trials and will also give you some insight into what was happening in Andover.

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Salem Black History Walking Tour

Learn the incredible achievements of black leaders in the city of Salem. The tour will end at Hamilton Hall so guests can go to Salem United, Inc.'s exhibit.

Tour price includes admission & donation to the exhibit.

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1692 Witchcraft Walk       >Learn more

Salem History

General History Tour

Explore over four centuries of Salem’s remarkable history from its illustrious founding in 1626, to its place as a thriving 21st Century city. The witch trials made Salem infamous, but there’s so much more.

Mid-Day Ghost Tour

Remember, ghosts don't go away because the sun is out. This chilling, compact ghost tour delves into Salem's macabre past with true tales of documented paranormal activity.


Grave Matters Cemetery Tour

Salem's oldest Burying Point is now open and tours are available starting June 1. We will share with you the secrets and stories of many of those interred in the cemetery in the 1600s and 1700s.

1692 Witchcraft Walk

Examine the demographics, theories and personal stories comprising the dire events of 1692, and what happened during the infamous witchcraft hysteria which turned neighbor against neighbor.


Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour

Join Salem’s most recommended and respected ghost tour for a lanten-lit stroll through the world famous Witch City. Our licensed, costumed guides will resurrect Salem’s deliciously dark past as they share stories of macabre history and documented paranormal activity.

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