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Ghost Photos

We encourage guests to snap photos on our tours. If you think you might have snapped a picture of a ghost, submit it to us at thesalemhistoricaltours@gmail.comwith your name, city and state/country. We may post it on Twitter and Facebook. It may also make it into the gallery. See tips for taking ghost photos below.

Ghost Hunting Tips

There is a lot of paranormal activity in Salem. Why? We're not sure. It could be the 1692 Witchcraft Trials or it could be all the energy generated by people visiting wanting to see a ghost. Guests capture lots of pictures on our tours and if you want to do the same, here are some helpful hints.

• Turn off your flash. When you take a picture with your flash, you are illuminating  everything in front of you and you can get a false positive. Also, you might illuminate something that creates a false positive for someone else. 

• Take multiple photos and stand still when you do it. If you do this, you may capture something in one photo that isn't there in the others. You will also tell if the object is moving. 

• Be cautious of dust. Clean your lens often. Many people capture dust and think they have an orb. What's the difference? Dust floats and can easily change direction if you wave your hands. An orb may exhibit intelligent movement or it may appear as a color, which represents emotion.

• Don't take pictures in a room the second you walk in. You have disturbed the air and have caused change. Wait a few minutes and then snap a few pictures.

•Debunk. The first step is to try and explain what you captured. You may have gotten something once you eliminate all of the possibilities. Be hopeful, but skeptical.

• Don't call out the ghost. Don't invite the ghost to touch you. Don't play with spirit boards if you don't know how to use them.

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