Our Specialty Tours do not run on a regular basis but are available at special times of the year and will be listed on the calendar. They are also available by appointment and for group tours.

Pricing depends on the size of the group

Our country celebrates 100 years of women’s suffrage this August so we have put together a Salem Women’s Suffrage Tour. The guide will discuss the Declaration of Sentiments, the goals of the movement and the role of Salem women during the movement. Explore who was for suffrage and who was against it in the town that once targeted and executed women for witchcraft in 1692. Learn what famous visitors came to Salem to advocate for women’s right to vote, where they gave their speeches and what they said. Discover the role of women today in the city of Salem. The tour will bring you throughout the downtown area, stopping at historic sites with special significance.

Suffrage tour

Salem Womens Suffrage Tour

Upon his death, Salem’s Nathaniel Hawthorne asked his friends and family to destroy their correspondence. Few did. The remaining letters will be brought to life by actors in this two-hour walking tour that will take you through the Life, Loves and Locations of Salem's most celebrated author who is portrayed by writer/director Bob Gautreau (HBO, America's Got Talent). This walking tour also features actors Ryan Boettcher, Andrew Eller, Gwen Rosengelb and Sally Powers, who bring Longfellow, Melville and the Peabody Sisters to life. There are two acts with a ten minute intermission

Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter(s) Tour

Salem is a vibrant community rich in resplendent and varied architecture, spanning nearly four centuries. Explore our historic downtown and myriad architectural styles that are indicative of each century that so transformed rudimentary colonial village into a thriving contemporary city. From first period to post modern, many architectural motifs are well represented in splendid Salem. 

Historic Architecture

Grand Houses Architecture Tour

Salem is the home of the world-renowned American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, whose novels and short stories are still read throughout the world today like The Scarlet Letter, House of Seven Gables, etc... Then there is Arthur Miller, who wrote The Crucible, and many other writers who made Salem their home and yet others who used our city as inspiration for their novels that have driven the imagination of many.

Boot Talk

Book Talk, Book Walk

They came as enslaved people and reshaped America. Blacks were first enslaved in Massachusetts in Salem in 1638, four years after Gov. John Winthrop wrote our first slavery law in 1634. After gaining freedom shorty after the writing of the Massachusetts constitution, blacks made great strides in the community and major contributions to Salem and the state by influencing policy, establishing businesses and leading the abolitionist movement.

African American

African American History Tour

Come walk the Oulde Salem Seaport and learn how it used to look back in the 1700s and 1800s and compare how it looks today.  You'll walk where water used to be and be able to visualize the greatness of Salem during the Great Age of Sail.

Friendship of Salem

Oulde Seaport Tour

Salem started as a community of strict Puritans, whose intolerance led to the witchcraft trials. Since then, the population has made a 180 degree change and is home to close to 30 churches and just about every religious denomination you can imagine. Some are still here but others have left. We also have the largest Wiccan community in the country. We'll tell you the history of many of the active churches and the previous churches as well as where they were located.

Religious History

Religious History Tour