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Salem Witch Trials:
Ancestors & Descendants Tour

(90 Minute Tour)

Salem will be 400 years old in 2026. It is rich in history, including a critical role in the American Revolution and being the richest seaport per capita from 1790 to 1812. And then there is the 1692 Witch Trials. There were 156 official complaints and maybe 200 accused, along with 70 afflicted persons, nine judges, dozens of jurors and hundreds who observed the trials. Calculations estimate that there could be more than 50 million descendants from the event. Many of them know but many don't. Most have never been in the public eye. However, many are famous and some are infamous. You'll be surprised.
This tour will bring you throughout the downtown area of old Salem Towne, discussing key people involved in the 1692 Witchcraft Trials and their descendants. Perhaps you are one of them.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 11.18.50 PM.png
Witch Craft Memorial
Witch House

Adults: $25


Children ages 6-12: $18

(Under 6 free) 


Discount available for Seniors (60+), Students, Military, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses, and Salem Residents

Our walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of our quaint city. We bring you throughout the downtown area as well as the McIntire District and the Seaport area.


  • We do not go inside any buildings.

  • Dogs are allowed on our tours, with the exception of the cemetery. 

  • Access to tour locations is subject to city regulations.

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