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Salem 101: General History Tour

(90 Minute Tour)

Discover why Salem is the true birthplace of the USA. Explore four centuries of Salem’s remarkable history from its illustrious founding in 1626, to its place as a thriving 21st century city. We'll tell you about the witch trials that made Salem infamous, but there is so much more. Explore Salem’s critical role in the American Revolution, how it led the great Age of Sail to become the #1 seaport in America from 1790-1812, and all about the many important and famous people who’ve called Salem home. 

Maritime Nautical
Daniel Low
Nathanial Hawthorne

We've had inventors, 18 presidents, other political leaders and a myriad of celebrities visit here. We have also had many movies shot here and not just about witches.

You'll get quite the overview of Salem in this 90 minute tour.

Adults: $25


Children ages 6-12: $18

(Under 6 free) 


Discount available for Seniors (60+), Students, Military, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses, and Salem Residents

Our walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of our quaint city. We bring you throughout the downtown area as well as the McIntire District and the Seaport area.


  • We do not go inside any buildings.

  • Dogs are allowed on our tours, with the exception of the cemetery. 

  • Access to tour locations is subject to city regulations.

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