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and actor

A seasoned raconteur, Salem historian, CPA, and former sports/news journalist. Giovanni has always had a love for history and antiquity so giving tours in a major historic city is a perfect fit. "Seeing the expression on guests' faces when I tell them our history provides the same joy for me as watching someone open a present I just gave them," he says. He has been giving tours and has studied Salem's history for 10 years. Giovanni has also performed standup, improv, and sketch comedy throughout New England and NYC and continues to do so. He is a SAG actor, having been in local and feature films, including Psychotica, Friction, Central Intelligence and Daddy’s Home 2. More info at www.GiovanniAlabiso.com

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and impressionist

A comic and impressionist who has performed and taught stand up, sketch, and improv comedy to enthusiastic audiences around the world. This is his fifth year as a tour guide with the company. Bob (known to his ghost tours as “Boo”) considers himself to be a small medium at large. He says, “I can’t always communicate with a ghost when I want to, but when they want to communicate with me they come through loud and clear.” Bob can also be seen as Nathaniel Hawthorne in “The Scarlet Letter(s): the life and loves of Nathaniel Hawthorne” which he also wrote and directed. He looks forward to having you on a tour.

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Actor and


James started his tour guiding career in Nathaniel Hawthorne's beloved home "The Old Manse" in Concord. From there he branched across Massachusetts to many other historic houses such as the Gore Place, Robbins House, Parson-Barnard Home and Salem's very own House of the Seven Gables. He is a Hawthorne fanatic and an avid lover of ghosts, spirits, hauntings and all things spooky in addition to his love of history. One can find him at night on the streets of Salem sharing the town's haunted stories and secrets.


Teacher and


Tour guide Nancy Mades-Byrd is an English teacher, writer, and podcaster with a special interest in the Salem witch trials. Her interest in the witch trials began in 1974, when she was very young and found a copy of Shirley Jackson's The Witchcraft of Salem Village in her teacher's class library. She is the creator, writer, and host of the Witch-Hunt Podcast, a show about the history of scapegoating - including the Salem witch trials. 

When she's not teaching or giving tours, Nancy enjoys traveling, horseback riding, reading, and spending time with family and friends. A resident of downtown Salem, there are few things she enjoys more than sharing her beloved hometown with visitors.



and historian

Robert is happy to be celebrating his fifth year as a guide here at Salem Historical Tours.  When not working as a tour guide, Robert works in therapy for children, focusing on helping kids with autism navigate life's waters.  He has been an actor for about 25 years, appearing in/directing many central MA productions as well as appearing in the web series "Skitcom" for the last few years.  Finishing a masters in history, Robert is fascinated by Salem's maritime empire's rise and fall and has been a lover of horror and the supernatural all his life.


Musician and


Adam Lynch has loved history for as long as he can remember so, he couldn’t think of a better job than being a Tour Guide in the Historically Rich city of Salem, Massachusetts. In addition to his love for history he has grown quite a fondness for Salem’s spirits and their stories (despite initially being a non-believer). Outside of guiding, Adam is a History major, with a focus on revolutions, uprisings, and revolts. He is also a musician in and around the Northshore.

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and historian

Nick has been with the tour company for several years. He has given all of the regularly scheduled tours as well as having researched and written a tour about the Religious History of Salem. When he is not at the tour company he is teaching at an area high school. Nick specializes in teaching American History and Politics and offers special elective courses in African History and Comparative Government. A self proclaimed history nerd, Nick loves to give the General History Tour and the Witchcraft Walk more than any other tours. Having been giving ghost tours for six years, he has developed a healthy respect for the supernatural and does in fact believe.

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Actor and


Christine has appeared on stage and film in NY/NJ/MA and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.  Supporting witches & ghosts has opened new doors for her here in New England. 2018 was a bewitching year portraying Sarah Good, who was one of the first women executed in the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials, in Saltonstall (One man's stand against the Salem Witch Trials) at NECC and writing/producing/performing "Was Susannah North Martin a Witch?" Previously she fell for the ghosts of Cape May, NJ as a summer tour guide and is pleased to share the stories of the Salem spirits now. When not on stage, set, or the streets of Salem, she can be found supporting and fundraising for local events in Amesbury, MA.


Actor and

Pirate Captain

A thirty year veteran in the entertainment industry, David has performed, written, and directed for several well known companies in and around the New England Area. Back in the 1990's David was one of the original walking tour guides for Ghosts and Gravestones run by Old Town Trolley,  before making his way to Salem as a pirate tour guide at the New England Pirate Museum. David is currently working as the artistic director for the King Serpent Variety Troupe and as the theater director and acting instructor for Camp Evergreen Day Camp.