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Salem Black
History Tour

90 minute tour
(Check schedule
for times)

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Salem's rich history includes the infamous 1692 Witchcraft Trials, its significance during the American Revolution and what was once the number one seaport per capita in the USA. But few are aware of the incredible contributions of Blacks and African-Americans in our city.

Four years after Gov. John Winthrop wrote the state's first slavery law in 1634, the ship Desire traveled to Providence Island (Bahamas) and traded local indigenous men for African Americans.

They received their freedom in the next century and began to make great strides in the community and major contributions to Salem and the state by influencing policy, establishing businesses and leading the abolitionist movement.

Our walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of our quaint city. We bring you throughout the downtown area as well as the McIntire District and the Seaport area.


  • We do not go inside any buildings.

  • Dogs are allowed on our tours, with the exception of the cemetery. 

  • Access to tour locations is subject to city regulations.

$12 for adults

$8 children 6-12 (under 6 free) 

$10 for Seniors (60+), Students, Military, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses, and Salem Residents

$25 for adults

$18 children 6-12 (under 6 free) 

$22 for Seniors (60+), Students, 

Military, Veterans, Police, 

Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses,

and Salem Residents

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Tour runs June 17 & 18 at 11 a.m.;  July 14 at 3 p.m.; July 16 at 11 am

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