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North Andover
Witchcraft History Tour

90 minute tour
(Check schedule
for times)

This tour is in North Andover, MA; about 20 miles North of Salem, MA

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Everyone has heard of the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials but they may not realize that it is named after Salem because that is where the court was located and where people were hanged. But the trials encompassed nearly all the towns north of Boston.

Andover, about 20 miles northwest of Salem, had 45 accusations of witchcraft that was more than any other community. The town had a population of 600 people and half of them were involved in the trials as an accuser or an accused, juror or constable.

Join witchcraft trials expert Richard Hite, author of In The Shadow of Salem, and Carol Majahad of the North Andover Historical Society on a fascinating tour of North Andover locations that were involved in the witchcraft trials.

You will visit and learn about the Parson Barnard House, the old cemetery, the location of Rev. Francis Dane's home and the location of the meeting house.

This special tour will be held on selected dates in July, August, September and October.​

This tour is in North Andover, MA that is about a 30-minute ride from Salem, MA.

We donate $5 of every ticket to the North Andover Historical Society.


$25 each for adults, students, seniors and children

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