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HP Lovecraft & the Salem Connection History Tour

90 minute tour

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HP Lovecraft was a writer who delved in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. He specialized in the weird that captured the imagination of many of his fans.
He loved Providence, RI but one of his other favorite cities was Salem, MA that many believe to be the famed Arkham in his books.
He came to Salem several times and used the homes, buildings and the 1692 witchcraft trials as inspiration for some of his tales of the fantastic.
Join us for our special Lovecraft History Tour. You’ll learn about the man and how Salem influenced many of his writings and how he references Salem in his books.
You’ll visit several locations throughout the city including the Crowninshield-Bentley House, Witch House, Old Train Station location and more

$12 for adults

$8 children 6-12 (under 6 free) 

$10 for Seniors (60+), Students, Military, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses, and Salem Residents

$25 for adults

$18 children 6-12 (under 6 free) 

$22 for Seniors (60+), Students, 

Military, Veterans, Police, 

Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses,

and Salem Residents

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Our walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of our quaint city. We bring you throughout the downtown area as well as the McIntire District and the Seaport area.


  • We do not go inside any buildings.

  • Dogs are allowed on our tours, with the exception of the cemetery. 

  • Access to tour locations is subject to city regulations.

Tour runs April 21, April 28, Aug. 20, Sept 15 & Oct. 14

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