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Hocus Pocus
Movies & More Tour

90 minute tour
(Check schedule for times)


Salem has worked its way into Hollywood as hundreds of TV shows and movies have referenced our witch hysteria and many have been shot on location here in our wonderful city. You will be surprised which movies were here and they are not all about our notorious past. Moviemakers love our dramatic architecture, picturesque waterfront and historic streets. We’ll bring you around to the locations and name the TV show or movie as well as the actors and what they did. Then when you watch the movie again, you’ll recognize those locations. 

Our walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of our quaint city. We bring you throughout the downtown area as well as the McIntire District and the Seaport area.


  • We do not go inside any buildings.

  • Dogs are allowed on our tours, with the exception of the cemetery. 

  • Access to tour locations is subject to city regulations.

$12 for adults

$8 children 6-12 (under 6 free) 

$10 for Seniors (60+), Students, Military, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses, and Salem Residents

$25 for adults

$18 children 6-12 (under 6 free) 

$22 for Seniors (60+), Students, 

Military, Veterans, Police, 

Firefighters, Teachers, EMTs, Nurses,

and Salem Residents

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