Salem Village
Witch-Hunt Walking Tour

75 minute tour
Departs at 10 am

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Salem is where people visit to learn about the 1692 witchcraft trials, but Danvers, formerly Salem Village, is where it first began on a cold February day.


Two young girls began acting out and the local doctor's diagnosis was that they must be under the Devil's hand. The witch-hunt was off and running, turning neighbor against neighbor.


You'll visit several significant historical sites including the remains of the parsonage where Reverend Samuel Parris' 9-year-old daughter Betty and 11-year-old niece Abigail had their fits that began the hysteria.


  This special tour will be held on selected dates in August, September and October.


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Daniel A. Gagnon, a life-long Danvers resident and author of A Salem Witch, will lead the tour that will give you a greater understanding of one of the more compelling stories of our country's early history.

Book now. Tickets will sell out. Details on the meeting location in Danvers and directions will be in the confirmation email.

$20 each for adults, students, seniors and children

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