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Salem History

Salem 101: General History Tour

Explore over four centuries of Salem’s remarkable history from its illustrious founding in 1626, to its place as a thriving 21st Century city. The witch trials made Salem infamous, but there’s so much more.


Grave Matters Cemetery Tour

Salem's oldest Burying Point has reopened. You can stroll through the grounds on your own or take our streaming tour. We share with you the secrets & stories of many of those interred in there in the 1600s & 1700s. In-Person tours run on select weekends and on request (call in advance).

Salem Ghost

Mid-Day Ghost Tour

Remember, ghosts don't go away because the sun is out. This chilling, compact ghost tour delves into Salem's macabre past with true tales of documented paranormal activity.

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1692 Witchcraft Walk

Examine the demographics, theories and personal stories comprising the dire events of 1692, and what happened during the infamous witchcraft hysteria which turned neighbor against neighbor.


Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour

Join Salem’s most recommended and respected ghost tour for a lantern-lit stroll through the world famous Witch City. Our licensed, costumed guides will resurrect Salem’s deliciously dark past as they share stories of macabre history and documented paranormal activity.

Special Tours this year

Want to see the Hocus Pocus sites?

We'll tell you all about it and so much more. We'll even tell you what's

coming to Salem later this year.

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Saturday, Aug 20 at 11 am
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Ingersoll Ordinary

Salem Village (now Danvers) is where the 1692 Salem Witch Hysteria started. You'll visit the remains of the parsonage where Rev. Samuel Parris' 9-year-old daughter Betty & 11-year-old niece Abigail had their fits, the Ingersoll Ordinary where meeting and hearings were held plus other sites. Tour runs select dates from August through October. This tour is in Danvers, MA, not Salem, MA.

Come learn about the incredibly amazing Black and African-American history in Salem. Many local leaders desegregated schools, challenged separate but equal and spoke out against slavery. You'll learn about the Remonds, Charlotte Forten, Charles Benson, Prince Farmer and more. Tours Aug 20 & 21.

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Charlotte Forten

HP Lovecraft was an eccentric writer who wrote in the genres of science fiction, horror and the downright weird. You could describe his books as Goosebumps on steroids. 

He used Salem as inspiration for many of his stories and they are creepy. Take this fascinating tour and discover what inspired the man who referred to Salem as Arkham.

Saturday, Aug. 20 at 7 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m.

Louisa May Alcott.png

Louisa May Alcott

If you have taken our witchcraft history tour before, then you must take this new exciting tour. We'll go to locations in Salem tied to the hysteria, tell you a little witchcraft trials history and then reveal their famous, or infamous, descendants. There are more than 50 million descendants from the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials. Could you be one of them?


Dates available on select weekends in July, August, September, and October.

All tours leave from
 - 8 Central Street -
Tours run Rain or Shine. No refunds

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